Older Adults


Bentleigh Fitness Centre is proud to offer the over 50s government endorsed Older Adults Strength Training Program – Living Longer, Living Stronger! With a focus on staying active, reducing falls, promoting strength training and exercising in a safe environment, classes run 4 days a week!

What do you offer?

Classes include the LLLS Supervised Training Sessions and Older Adults Supervised Weights Circuit. Classes require a consultation with a trainer to design a personalized program! Give us a call on 9579 3339 to book an appointment today.

When are the classes?

Monday 11am – LLLS Supervised Session

Tuesday 11am – LLLS Supervised Session

Wednesday 8.20am – Older Adults Supervised Weights Circuit

Wednesday 11am – LLLS Supervised Session

Thursday 8.20am – LLLS Supervised Session

Thursday 11am – LLLS Supervised Session

How much are the classes?

All classes require a consultation with a trainer to conduct a health assessment and design a personalized program at a cost of $40. Call 9579 3339 to book yours today!

Members – FREE

Casual Visits – $6

10 Visit Pass – $50 ($5 per visit – save $10)

Initial Consultation – $40