Ladies Only Gym

A fantastic feature of our gym is an area for females only. Our cardio equipment looks out towards the trees lining the Virginia Park driveway. The large open layout features:

  • 16 pieces of modern and innovative Life Fitness cardio equipment
  • Life Fitness, Optima series pin loaded strength machines that require minimal set up adjustment so they are extremely easy to use.
  • Olympic barbells and bumper plates to go with our Iron Edge matrix cage for squats, bench press, deadlifts and hip thrusts.
  • Kettlebells 4kg - 32kg
  • Dumbbells 1kg – 20kg
  • Metabolic conditioning equipment: sled, battle ropes, slam balls and medicine balls.
  • Mobility and rehab equipment: foam rollers, mini bands, massage balls, yoga blocks

The Ladies gym features a change-room and storage cubes so you can come in, train and be on your way without having to leave the area. Your whole workout is covered from start to finish in this one space.


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